Solar Energy Savings

The Investment Returns for Customers (Households)

The greatest single cost to the average household is solar water heating.

Solar water heater suppliers are optimistic about the potential savings – as evidenced from the statistics presented by Suntank (a solar water heater supplier) and presented below.

What makes up my electricity bill ?

Solar Energy Savings & Costs
Energy Costs for a Typical Household (

This means that you will pay for the solar water heater in 6.42 years (at the present cost of electricity) and in 1.6 years by 2012 (in 4 years time the cost of electricity is expected to go up about four times).

2008 2012
Cost per unit to the Customer R 16,562.24 R 16,562.24
Average energy bill per month R 500.00 R 2,000.00
Saving 43% 43%
Rand Saving R 215.00 R 860.00
Number of months to pay back Solar geyser 77.03 19.26
In years 6.42 1.60

Not trusting the advocacy data at face value, PDC Solar undertook its own research. Richard Palmer installed solar water heating at his Johannesburg home at the end of March 2007. Each month the energy bill (both the kw.h and Rand value) are recorded on a spread sheet. The findings are summarized in the graph below;

Solar Water Heater Graph
Palmer Family Energy Change with Solar Water Heater

This shows a monthly savings of R 344-00 (or 670 Kw.h) and therefore an independent and surprising resonance with the Suntank position. This gives the PDC Solar team great confidence in their business plan and the potential for household savings upon which it is based.

Of course as energy bills rise (they are predicted to increase by 60 % in 2008 alone) the “savings” increase.

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