PDC Solar is a registered ESKOM solar geyser installer and supplier

It is important to know that, should you be thinking of installing a solar geyser as a South African household, ESKOM offer a significant rebate.  For the 150l and 200l solar geysers that PDC Solar install this is about 25% of the total cost.  Whether you intend using PDC Solar or any other installer, if you are in any doubt, as to  accessing the rebate, go to the ESKOM's website and look at the demand side management section and ensure that the supplier and installer is listed there.  You can follow this link: http://www.eskomdsm.co.za/ and see a list of installers.

This rebate makes the installation of a solar geyser in your home that much more affordable while at the same time saves you energy, money and the earth more carbon dioxide.

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