Sterk Rivier Farm


This farm is used as a weekend/holiday escape from the busy city life. There are 3 cottages that sleeps 2-4 people each and one cottage that sleeps 4-8 people. The kitchen and entertainment are separate buildings from the cottages and also need power for fridges, freezers and standard appliances. Walkway lights light up the garden during night time. A swimming pool is built next to the kitchen and dining area. Nearby watering holes are supplied from submersible solar pumps.


  • There are no electrical connection to the National Grid.
  • Alternative energy is needed for a fridge, freezer, lights, washing machine, laptops and some other small appliances.
  • There should be backup available in case there are more than 3 consecutive days of overcast weather.
  • If a generator is started up the system should recharge the batteries while also feeding the loads.
  • The water holes needs to be supplied by solar borehole pump. The borehole is 120m deep and pumps into a JoJo tank located on an nearby hill, with gravity feeding into the watering holes, controlled by ball valves. 2000 litre per day is required for the water holes

Borehole Specification Units
PV Array 420W
Borehole Power 1200W
Hole Depth 120m
Daily water supply  3000 litre per day

Specification Units
PV Array 1,2kW peak
Inverter Capacity 3kW Victron Multi
Battery Capacity 1200A.h @ 24V
Battery Cycle Life 240Cycles @ 100% DOD, 1200Cycles @ 80% DOD
Battery Autonomy 4.1days
Inverter Charger Capacity 70A @ 24V
Backup Battery Charging with Generator through Victron Multi
System Display State of Charge, Time to Go, System Voltage & Current, A.h Discharged
Pool Motor 600W DC motor

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