Northern Cape Farms Project


Farms are being developed in the Northern cape whereby houses are being built on these farms. Alternative Power need to be supplied to these houses as most of them are not close to grid power, and grid power is very costly.  The farm manager/owners house would be slightly larger and would require more power than the workers houses. Each farm has 3 workers houses and one managers house.


  • Each farm will have one owners house with three workers houses that need to be powered independent from grid power.
  • The farm owners house needs power for lights, TV, fridge, laptop and small appliances.
  • The workers houses will need power for lights, TV, Radio and small appliances.
  • Each house will have to be supplied with a 100litre low pressure solar geyser.


Specification Owners House Units
PV Array 500W Peak
Battery Capacity 300A.h @ 24V
Inverter Capacity 750W
Charger Capacity 30A


Specification Workers House Units
PV Array 80W Peak
Battery Capacity 100A.h @ 12V
Inverter Capacity 350W
Charger Capacity 10A
PDC Solar Geysers
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