Upington UPS Project 


Uninterrupted power is required for the Server and Security system of a government building in Uppington. There building has three phase power. The appliances are all single phase. To save the problem of unbalanced loads on a 15kW UPS, the UPS should ideally be single phase. No power loss should occur in case of grid failure.  Generator backup would become available a few minutes after a power failure happened. The UPS should not step load the generator the moment it becomes available as it could stall the generator. The UPS should also interact with the security system in order to notify in case of any problems.


  • A single phase 15kW UPS is needed to power the server and security system.
  • The UPS should gradually load the Generator once it comes online in a power failure.
  • The system should be able to maintain power for 1.5hours at full power in case of power failure.
  • System warnings should be integrated into the main security system. System needs to display status and relevant information


Invert Capacity15kW Single Phase
Inverter specification3x5kW Victron Multi’s
Battery Capacity600A.h @ 48V
Battery Standby time1.92 hours @ 15kW
System WarningsBatt Low, Batt temp, Inverter Temp, Inverter Overload, Mains Failure
System informationBattery Status (State of Charge), Time to go, A.h discharged, System Voltage & Current
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