Farm House near Tosca 


A farm 20km from Tosca has no grid power. Generator was the electricity supply for all these years. Maintenance and running cost of generators are very costly, even if only used for a few hours per day. In addition to this, the noise and inconvenience of switching the generator on and off every day made this farmer decide to search for more cost effective and cleaner alternatives.


  • A PV system is needed to power lights, TV & DSTV, Fridges, Freezer, microwave and some small appliances
  • This system should be grid interactive and be able to charge the batteries from generator in case of 3 or more consecutive days of bad weather.
  • The system must be upgradable in order to expand should it be necessary in future. System should have a status display 


PV Array750W
Inverter Capacity 1600W
Inverter Type Victron Multi Inverter/Charger
Battery Capacity 600A.h @ 24V
Battery Cycle Life 240Cycles @ 100% DOD, 1200Cycles @ 80% DOD
Battery Autonomy 3.2 days
System Display SOC, TTG, A.h Discharged, System Voltage & Current
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