Efficiency – Mokopane Residence – 82.4% Saving


  • This is a normal residence with 4 people living there. Before the efficiency project was looked at the average energy bill was R700 per month at 34c/kW.h which was average for a relatively large house at the time. Since then the price of electricity has gone up with to R1,08c/kW.h.
  • Solsquare has made this one of our many success stories with our residential efficiency projects. 

Efficiency Steps

  • A 180litre solar geyser was installed for the showers and kitchen
  • A 300litre solar geyser was installed to supply hot water to the bathrooms and laundry
  • Energy efficient lights was installed in the kitchen and all the incandescent lights were replaced with energy saving bulbs
  • The fridges were replaced with A+ energy efficient units
  • A small solar system was installed to power the freezer with ESKOM as backup


  • The average cost of electricity used to be R700/month at 34c/kW.h
  • The average cost of electricity is now R350/month at R108c/kW.h
  • Cost of advanced energy efficiency – R50,750
  • Projected Current electricity cost – R2223.00/month
  • Actual average current cost – R350/month 84,3% Saving


Original Electricity Cost @ R0,34c/kW.h700
Projected Current Electicity cost2223
Cost 180litre Geyser14500
Cost 300litre Solar Geyser19500
Lighting Cost750
Fridge Cost16000
Current Average Electricity Account350
% Saving84,3%
Total Cost to dateR50 75
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