Tsumeb Lodge - 2x1000 litre Systems


  • Tsumeb Lodge is Located outside Windhoek in Namibia.
  • Due to high electricity cost and the desire to reduce their carbon footprint this lodge decided to actively pursue a less environmentally distructive route.
  • A needs analysis was done and it was clear that the most obvious cost saving would be to start with hot water.


  • This lodge uses between 600l and 2000l of hot water per day, depending on occupancy levels
  • 2000litres of storage with 12 collectors in total would be enough to generate the energy needed for this lodge
  • Backup elements is needed in case of overcast weather
  • The system needed an indirect system to prevent calcification as well as frost in winter


Specification Units
Storage Volume2x1000 litre
Collector Area2x12m²
Daily Energy Generation (Summer)151kW.h/day/system
∆T (Summer)68°C
Daily Energy Generation (Winter)86kW.h/day/system
∆T (Winter)39°C


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