What is Solar Power

A quick definition for an answer to the question what is solar power?, can be described as below.

Solar power is electricity generated from the levels of natural energy contained within the suns rays (solar radiation).

We shall now take a deeper look into the energy from the sun, and the ways in which we can use this energy.

The sun has been in existence for billions of years. Everyday, the sun shines down on our earth, shooting its solar energy in our direction. This solar energy is commonly known as solar radiation, and contains a significant amount of energy we are able to harness.

The suns rays contain photons. These photons are capable of transforming electrons into conduction electrons, which means they are able to carry an electrical charge.

Please visit our how do you produce electricity from solar energy page for a more in depth look into the above process.

If you have visited the above page, you will now know how solar panels are able to produce power from solar energy.

We use this solar energy in many ways. You can heat water (solar heating) through the use of energy in the suns rays, produce power, or heat your home.

We use solar energy in a much wider variety of ways than explained above. It is always there, and we take it for granted which we rightly should.

If or when the sun ever runs out, it is likely that either our planet will be long gone before that period, or our planet would disappear with the sun. As long as the sun shines, life on our planet can be supported.

Power from solar energy is helping thousands of people in many parts of the world to live a more environmentally friendly, and cost effective lifestyle.

A solar electricity kit is a perfect means of harnessing significant levels of solar energy in remote locations.

Solar power & solar energy is set for great things in the future, and we can expect it to become a way of life for many areas of the earth.

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